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Nebula Sessions

Symphony of Possibility Sessions with Cara Wright

These are certainly interesting times, arn't they?


Such a intense time of havoc, control, fear and isolation in so many ways. How have you been through all of it? Where are you at the beginning of 2021?


So many of us may be suffering under the surface, truly struggling while keeping the brave face on. What else can you do, right?


What if the the sorrow, despair, desperation in your world or that you are aware of is something that can shift? What if I told you some sense of peace amid the turmoil is possible? 

Would you choose it?  This is what I would like to contribute to.


I would like to invite you to have a sense of space, who you are (even amongst the global chatter), ease and yes even joy?


I will be offering for a short time an energetic bodywork technique, that can be done online, called a Symphony of Possibility session for a special price.

Nebulas are magical, enormous cloud of dust, gas and myst occupying the space between stars.  Often they are created when a star goes supernova! 

They are a nursery for new stars. Are you ready to be your own star generator?

 Book a *special* session today!

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